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Why Study This Programme?

This is a focused programme of study involving advanced Computing and software development technologies and architectures, for the design and management of modern distributed computing. The programme aims to provide graduates, with the deep knowledge, skills and understanding required to allow them to contribute to the planning, design and management of modern software engineering concepts

Students will gain the understanding of current technologies and architectures necessary for the network and communications infrastructure of enterprise computing. Students will gain the necessary skills to develop and design modern distributed software systems using appropriate technologies, architectures and techniques. Distributed component technologies, web applications technologies, web-enabled distributed databases, e-commerce, data warehousing and data mining can be sited as examples.

Aims of the programme

Demonstrate an understanding of software tool, technique, and issues with practical experience and standards in enterprise software development
To familiarize you with the issues and concerns involved in high-level software management
To equip to deal with the demands of enterprise application development

The rapid opening up of software related companies in Sri Lanka created a large market for software and networking jobs. However, the number of qualified candidates was insufficient to meet the increasing demand. As a result companies tended to hire less qualified candidates as trainees. Therefore, today there are a large number are employed in the field without the required academic qualifications

Having being employed in the industry for several years, these people have gained a very good practical knowledge and expertise in the field. However, due to the lack of academic qualifications, they find it difficult to ascend the career ladder. Thus there is a large market who seeks to complete their basic academic qualifications in software and networking fields.
Thus in order to provide these individuals with the necessary qualifications, PIBT has designed an educational programme which bridges the knowledge and skills gap for students with the required practical exposure

Course Modules

Unit1:Database Application Technology
Unit 2: Advanced Object-Oriented Software Development
Unit 3: Information System Engineering
Unit 4: Web Engineering

Entry Requirements

Diploma in Software Engineering with a minimum duration of 1 years from a Recognized institution and 2/3 years experience
Diploma in Computing / System Design with a minimum duration of 1 years from a Recognized institution and 2/3 years experience with professional qualification in the related area