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Who Choose PIBT?

Industrial Placement & Visits

What differentiates PIBT from other IT educational institutes is that the industrial placement year offering for the Full Time degree programme, where students are placed in the industry for 1 year, giving them practical knowledge and hands on work experience which enables us to deliver highly relevant programmes that fully prepare you for heir professional life.
The programmes are dynamic and challenging and the teaching encourages creative thinking and provides a well rounded university education. PIBT prides itself on providing students with academic support in their continuing personal and professional development

Student Life at PIBT

PIBT has a vivacious student council that focuses on a diverse range of interests and activities. The students’ annual trip is one of the most exiting event which all waiting for. And The PIBT graduation ball is an annual event that is well organized by the alumni which leaves lasting memories for the students graduating and moving into professional life

PIBT Graduation Ceremony

PIBT has a vivacious student council that focuses on a diverse range of interests and activities. The Graduation ceremony of PIBT is a momentous event in PIBT’s academic calendar that is fervently awaited by all the graduating students who consider it as a signpost in their lives with all the stateliness and demureness every year

PIBT Scholarship Programme

PIBT awards Scholarships to a number of students who possess extraordinary skills and the passion to become IT professionals in its challenging industry with the criteria of 2 years equivalent IT related qualification in Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Higher Diploma or Higher National Diploma Levels.
The selected scholars will have the opportunity to get employed as trainees in reputed local and international IT related organizations in Sri Lanka on a full-time basis and will be awarded attractive allowances. Furthermore, the scholars will have to sign a contract with their respective sponsoring organizations